Du piment sur les lèvres

Título en español: Pimiento sobre los labios 
Director: Laurène Lepeytre
Pais de producción: Francia
Año: 2015
Género: Documental
Idioma: Frances
Subtitulo: English
Duración: 52min
Tipo: Mediometraje
Calificación: SAM16
Guión: Laurène Lepeytre
Fotografía: Laurène Lepeytre
Montaje: Laurène Lepeytre
Música: Valsero
Actores: Valsero – himself
Producción: France
Sinopsis:They are under twenty but are governed by old people. In Cameroon fossilized gerontocrats are stifling yound people and have been excluding them from the system quite a long time. A highly subversive artist has shouldered the role of these young people’s spokesman. Valsero sings and raps about social discontent which has spiced up his texts without moderation several years. This musical film voices those who dare provoke global change.

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