Madres de Plaza de Mayo. La historia – Los Caminos de la plaza

Título en ingles: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. The History – Plaza de Mayo’s Pathways (1975-1977)
Director: Sebastian Mignona
Pais de producción: Argentina
Año: 2015
Género: Documental
Idioma: Español
Subtitulo: English
Duración: 26min
Tipo: Series
Calificación: ATP
Guión: Emilio Gorini/Ulises Gorini
Fotografía: Hernan Eizmendi
Montaje: Leandro Ferrer
Música: Leo Sujatovich/Claudio Pedreira
Actores: Madres de Plaza de Mayo
Producción: Cecilia Di Tirro/Agustina Santiago/Sandra Sandoval
Sinopsis: The Mothers were, and still are, the leading symbol of resistance against the last civic-military dictatorship and one of the first movements reporting State terrorism. With a deep emotion and their characteristic strength, the Mothers describe their history from the very beginning and talk about the coup d’état, the disappearances, the reports, the first demonstrations, the Malvinas war, the return to democracy and the recognition of their children’s fight, as well as the human rights organizations fight during the last decade. A series aimed at not forgetting the past, understanding the present and planning the future.

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